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Prague Lion Hostelhostel

Na Zborenci 273/6, Praha 2 - Nové Mesto
Prága, 120 00

Közös hálószoba7.11 EUR /fő /éjtől
Magán hálószoba6.28 EUR /fő /éjtől
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Melegvíz a nap 24 órájában
Tours/Travel Desk
Nincs záróra
Free city tour
Internet / Wi-Fi
Credit cards accepted

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Reptéri transzfer (600.00 EUR)
Ágynemű használat (50.00 EUR)


At Prague Lion Hostel we are here to meet your needs. Our experienced staff will do everything possible to make your stay enjoyable. We are located only a short walking distance from main sights (e.g. Wenceslas square - the center of night life, Charles Bridge and Old Town square). We offer: • Rooms with shared facilities (bathrooms are shared only between 2 rooms) • Apartments with private facilities • Breakfast (for a fee) • Internet access free of charge • Web access in lobby • Wi-Fi free • Wi-Fi in lobby • Info board and free city map • Refrigerator Reception is open daily from 9.00 to 18.00 noon- if you need to check in later, please, contact us in advance to arrange it. Check-ins at midnight are the latest we can accept. Check-in on 24th is not possible! Beware that we have a right to per-charge your credit card (1st night) prior to your arrival. If it fails we have a right to cancel your booking. Beware that some rooms are situated in the basement (with no view!)

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Értékelés72 %
Atmosphere 60%
Overall 72%
Staff 71%
Cleanliness 66%
Location 87%
Safety 76%
Facilities 63%
Value 78%


Customer Review
Értékelés:  60%
2012-11-19 | 21:36:00
+ The price and wireless
- The mattress and pillows were very dirty and stinky. When we arrived one night, at about 10pm, there were 2 men in front of the door injecting drugs each other... And the same night, at about 5 at the midnight, someone was knocking in our window, and after in our door... We didn't open, we were frightened...
Customer Review
Értékelés:  68.6%
2012-11-23 | 19:54:00
+ Very good location
- There is no WiFi in the rooms (my pet hate) and our room had a heater which we could not adjust so tthe nights were extremely hot and we woke up throughout the night sweating badly
Ana Delia Martin
Értékelés:  45.7%
2012-10-07 | 18:50:00
+ the localitation
- there was no hot water on the ground floor.
Customer Review
Értékelés:  57.1%
2012-09-25 | 00:43:00
+ .
- .
Customer Review
Értékelés:  60%
2012-09-13 | 10:55:00
+ Room was light and airy with big windows.
- we ended up paying far more money for a room that was not as described online (we ended up with a double bed n shared bathroom- we booked a twin room and private bathroom) and they also kept our deposit, stating this was also towards the room!!! whislt trying to sort this muddle out we waited until 2pm to move to our new room only to find she had prepared it for one person not 2 as requested, and so she said the price be higher again!
Customer Review
Értékelés:  65.7%
2012-09-01 | 09:04:00
+ ensuite
- shower water sprays on floor that has no drain Reception not open on arrival bit pricey for Prague
Customer Review
Értékelés:  97.1%
2012-08-28 | 12:53:00
+ Safe, central location.
- Stains on bedsheets but they were clean. They need to invest in stain remover.
Lucas Almeida Lamoia
Értékelés:  60%
2012-08-06 | 10:17:00
+ The location is nice.
- Room isn't clean, one bathroom for 10 people and they didn't clean the bathroom on the weekend.
Customer Review
Értékelés:  22.9%
2012-08-03 | 18:08:00
+ nothing at all..for sure the worst hostel i have ever been..
- Totally dirty..discasting..with hair at the floor at all the time of our stay. No secure at all..no lock to the room..there was a robery one week before we go,as others travelers told as.. The people there was too unfriendly.. Only the score at tripadvisor represent this hostel..
Customer Review
Értékelés:  77.1%
2012-08-20 | 22:24:00
+ - Very cheap, and we get a private room. - Plates and cutleris in the room. - Towel in the room. - Comfortable bed.
- - The dark curtain didn't work properly. - The fridgider didn't work. . The toilet is moving while you sit it. - The shower isn't the best.
carey mackenzie
Értékelés:  85.7%
2012-09-06 | 15:38:00
+ good location and good size rooms that werent too crowded,
- not very pretty
Customer Review
Értékelés:  71.4%
2012-07-01 | 14:50:00
+ vending machines on property, kitchen
- wifi not working, no tv, no hot water for shower
Casandra Silva
Értékelés:  97.1%
2012-07-19 | 11:49:00
+ The property was so much nicer than the other hostel we tried first in Prague. It was inexpensive, yet clean and pleasant. I would definitely come again!
- The reception was not open very late, but if you arrive on time, it's not an issue.
Customer Review
Értékelés:  51.4%
2012-07-20 | 01:06:00
+ Great location.
- No locks on doors, very dirty, was not cleaned from former guests when we arrived... Water was all over the floor in our room, and the sheets were stained. My comforter was taken from an already slept in bed.
Customer Review
Értékelés:  57.1%
2012-06-20 | 10:13:00
+ There were beds, and the location was good. Manager helped me find a bus for next destination.
- Our room was dark and dingy, there was water on the floor because showe curtains was too short. No locks on bathroom door and no door for shower, you have a curtain seperating u from the rest of the mixed dorm. No maintenance on the rooms; so still sheets from people who have left. We had to complain because there was no hot water for the first two days i was here. There is no common room, so you cant meet anyone. Also got locked out of the hostel upon arrival with two other guys for an hour ringing and knocking untill manager came
Nikita Zonov
Értékelés:  65.7%
2012-07-19 | 10:49:00
+ Location is near the center,
- No door between badroom and shower. It's not comfortable for mixed dom.
Loes Abrahams
Értékelés:  60%
2012-07-02 | 16:27:00
+ The location of the hostel is great, it's near the center and a metro station.
- It wasn't very clean, the floor of the "bathroom" was wet all the time, so the floor of the entire room got wet. Furthermore, the blonde woman who works there is friendly and helpful, but the owner isn't. On the day we arrived there, there was no matress on my bed so the people of the hostel told me to sleep on another bed. But on our third - and last - night, I was sitting on my bed when the owner came in with another guest, and he got all angry with me, because that bed was for the other guest. I tried to explain to him that his staff told me to take that bed, so that I couldn't help it because I just did what they told me to do, but he wouldn't even listen to me and quite mean.
Ahmad Nazmi Bin Idrus
Értékelés:  45.7%
2012-06-22 | 14:30:00
+ Got a room in the basement, it might seem like a bad thing but since its hot outside, the cold basement is a good place to cool down
- Hot water not working, internet not working...have to complain till it works again. Basement is damp. No common room. No microwave. Toilet have no lock. Shower have no door, just a curtain and the floor is always wet from the shower and cleaning is done once for the whole 5 days im there.
Customer Review
Értékelés:  88.6%
2012-05-29 | 21:16:00
+ Great location next to karlovo namesti metro station, WiFi in the room
- Computer at the lobby didnt work
Customer Review
Értékelés:  97.1%
2012-06-07 | 17:10:00
+ Perfect location, great accomodation, clean bathroom, tv, fridge, towels, big wardrobe included!
- Staff tried to sell us parking spot for the weekend - when parking is free on the street. But, they were also very nice to stay till 19h and wait for us (they work till 18h).
Customer Review
Értékelés:  97.1%
2012-06-07 | 09:24:00
+ Amplia,limpia y economica
- Nada
Customer Review
Értékelés:  82.9%
2012-05-12 | 04:38:00
+ Helpful Staff. Location is ideal. Short walking distance to Charles Bridge and other Prague highlights. Very clean property.
- Several bars are on street side windows and drunken singing and yelling pretty much goes on all night and into the morning hours.
Kapil Jain
Értékelés:  80%
2012-04-30 | 20:17:00
+ Close to city centre, nice big room with balcony!
- Not a very new set up. Hot water was not available for bathing at 2 instances.
Anna Teresinska
Értékelés:  94.3%
2012-04-17 | 19:04:00
+ Location of this hostel is great.
- I can't say anything I dislike.
Customer Review
Értékelés:  91.4%
2012-05-03 | 10:43:00
+ Good value for money, very clean and good atmosphere. We've got room with kitchen, but we didn't pay for it - extra value.
- Everything was in order. Only problem with wireless internet during all stay.